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Go Bamboo Veggie Brush - FutureUses®
Go Bamboo Veggie Brush - FutureUses®

Go Bamboo Veggie Brush

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The Go Bamboo Veggie Brush is sure to become your new favourite kitchen tool. It’s eco-friendly, biodegradable and made from bamboo and brass bristles. 

This handy tool is effective and easy to use, being the perfect size (8cm tall x 5cm wide) for scrubbing vegetables.

This environmentally friendly brush lets you scrub your vegetables clean, allowing you to keep the skin on and retain all the goodness that it holds. So, instead of peeling, just scrub!

This zero-waste product has biodegradable packaging, meaning it’s great for both you and the planet.

Dimensions: 8cm tall x 5cm wide (widest part of brush)

Note: If any fibres fall out when new don't worry that's extra fibres left in from when it's made.