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About Us


FutureUses® is a company co-founded by Andrew and Tiana who live in Eltham on the outskirts of Melbourne. Together, they have recognised that the trend for convenience has resulted in the daily reliance on plastics, in particular single-use plastics, which, once used, are disposed of, regardless of their size, quality or condition. This trend for convenience is contributing to our ever growing piles of wastes that will outlive not only ourselves, but many of the future generations. 

FutureUses® is aiming to provide you with products which can be added into your lifestyle with ease, replacing single-use plastics in particular, with reusable, durable and sustainable alternatives. We stand by our legacy, and are trying to reduce the impact we ourselves make on this planet, whilst assisting others to do the same. The products we sell we have tried and tested, and now use on a daily basis. We believe they are fantastic options that can be integrated into your lifestyle, and see you drastically reduce, or even potentially remove, the use of certain plastics within your household.