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  1. GROCERY+PRODUCE BAGS - Remembering to take your own bags to the supermarket may be a pain but it will amount to a massive saving in single use plastics. Once you get into the routine it becomes second nature. 

  2. REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE - Stainless steel or glass water bottles are nice to drink from and will save a fortune on purchasing water. Just a dollar a day per water bottle amounts to over $350 dollars a year. Great quality water bottles can be purchased for less than a tenth of this cost. HATE THE TASTE OF TAP WATER? WE use a water purifier from southern cross pottery check them out!

  3. REUSABLE COFFEE CUP - Take away coffee cups have plastic lids as well as a plastic lining in the base, by remembering your own you will sometimes earn you a discount on your coffee as well as save a mountain load of waste.

  4. BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSH - Normal toothbrushes are made of plastic will still be around in 400+ years. Why not swap to bamboo!? They can be composted and do exactly the same job.

  5. BAMBOO COTTON BUDS - They may be a little more expensive but they work just as well and are 100% biodegradable. Imagine the amount of plastic that is accumulating on a daily basis if everybody is using just one plastic cotton bud per day. These end up in land fill, outliving us, despite being in use for just seconds. 

  6. SILICONE STRETCH LIDS - Replacing cling wrap is easy with reusable silicone lids. They fit tight to bowls (better than cling wrap), make your bowls stackable (unlike cling wrap), and will keep food fresh for longer due to the better seal. 

  7. SILICONE ZIPLOCK BAGS - These reusable bags replace the requirement for single use ziplock bags. They can be incorporated well at home, school, work or travel. They're great for use in the fridge, freezer, microwave or lunchbox for sandwiches, fruit, nuts, soups, leftovers etc. the list goes on! 

  8. REUSABLE STRAWS - Bamboo, stainless or silicone straws eliminate the requirement of single use plastic straws. Considering plastic straws will last over 200 years, this is a no brainer to make the change. They're easy to clean with a straw brush and are now available in multiple shapes and sizes for such a low cost.

  9. SHAMPOO AND BODY SOAP BAR - When packaged correctly in eco-friendly packaging, these bars are a zero waste product! Unlike the long list of toiletries which are all packaged in plastic bottles, these bars will be leaving no waste behind. 

  10. REUSABLE SPRAY BOTTLE - Try making your own cleaning products and bottling them at home. This will be a rewarding experience that saves on chemicals and plastic, a simple google search will find you 100s of recipes. This again can be a zero waste result!!

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